Golf and The Mind Game

With Dan Schaefer PhD you can knock 3 to 6 strokes off your game without touching a club.

Video introduction to Golf and the Mind Game program by Dr. Dan Schaefer.

Imagine emerging from every challenge — whether it’s your performance in business or in sports — with a competitive edge.

Dr. Dan Schaefer teaches athletes how to identify and remove distractions while consciously and instantly focusing their attention on their game.

He works privately and confidentially with professional athletes from the NFL to PGA golfers to provide them with a unique and powerful competitive advantage.

Golf Update for Spring ’22

Download a PDF of my SURVEY to analyze your golf game. Have some fun discovering how your clubs and your favorite course, speak to you!

Your 5 Keys to the Competitive Edge

  1. Instant stress reduction
  2. Intensive and Quick Focus Strategies
  3. 4 Golf Keys to gaining & maintaining a Mental Competitive Edge
  4. How to recognize and control distractions
  5. How to utilize Power Visualization

About Dan

Program #1 is for: Group, Corporate Retreats, Golf Teams, Alumni Associations, Fund Raising.

This process allows you to significantly control your Mind Game. Clients are GUARANTEED 3-6 strokes off their score when using these strategies EXACTLY as directed.

Dr. Dan Schaefer talks about golf. Video clip 1 of 2.

Program 2 is for: Corporate, Client Attraction, Client Appreciation, Business Development

The goal of this program is to provide your company with a unique vehicle to attract and reach new and existing clients and to gain a competitive edge in the market place.

Dr. Dan Schaefer talks about golf. Video clip 2 of 2.

Although the main focus is on the selected sport, the connections to business growth and development and the competitive edge are intriguing. Clients who have found it challenging to get the right people into a room discover that few ever say no to golf.

Program 3 is for: Individual, Professional and Amateur Golfers

  • Instant stress reduction
  • Keys to a Competitive Edge
  • Identifying & controlling distraction
  • Elimination of negative self talk
  • Identification of Peak Performance Zone
  • Preparation for competition
  • Power Visualization
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Short & Long Range Strategic Planning

Charity & Fundraising

Because “GMG” (Golf and the Mind Game) is so successful for business strategy, it crosses over wonderfully to benefit charitable causes too. Dr. Dan has a GMG Certificate created specially for charitable endeavors and fund raising. Contact Dan to ask how your company can participate.

Getting started is easy!

It begins with a call or text message directly to Dan Schaefer PhD at:

(917) 880-6758

Dr. Dan is also available by email:

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