Learn about Dr. Dan Schaefer's programs for client attraction, client appreciation, group & corporate retreats, golf teams, alumni associations, and fund raising. Individual coaching is available for professional and amateur golfers.

Dr. Dan GUARANTEES RESULTS when you follow his program conscientiously. If you give it your best for 6 months but fall short of reducing your score by at
least 3 strokes, Dr. Dan will invite you to return to his next Mind Game Strategies clinic -- at no additional charge!

161 West 61st Street
New York, NY

Telephone: 212.265.1888

Latest news

  • Dan on the Radio

    Dr. Dan appeared on "The Profit Express" on 88.7 FM WRHU with host Tim Healy on September 9th. He dicussed strategies CEO's, business owners and professional athletes use to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

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  • Newsweek Article - Meet the Fixers

    Mind Games. There are no golf clubs, hockey sticks or baseball mitts inside Dan Schaefer's office - other than the imaginary ones his clients carry inside their heads ...

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  • Successful Yale Club Seminar

    Dr. Dan Schaefer's Mind Game Strategies on
    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at the Yale Club was very well received.

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Newsweek Article
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